How to look after your skin

The best ways to take care of your skin if you possess acne
The abiding by are actually some ideas for taking care of your skin layer if you experience acne.

Wash your face about two times every single day. Do not wash it more than that. Utilize a mild soap produced especially for folks along with acne, as well as warm water. Don’y scrub the skin layer. Pros suggest using an OTC lotion which has benzoyl peroxide

Don’t make an effort to rupture the pimples. You may drive the infection further down, triggering more stopping as well as more serious swelling and also inflammation. popping out pimples creates scarring

If you have to get rid of a pimple for some activity, such as a wedding celebration, or public speaking occasions, ask  an expert to treat that for you

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Makeup can provide a fleeting confidence boost to some

Nancy Etcoff

Nancy Etcoff is an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and a research psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is the author of “Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty.”

Makeup can provide a fleeting confidence boost to some

No one is indifferent to the image in the mirror. At some point between rolling out of bed and stepping out the door, we perform the ritual of grooming.

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Makeup and your skin

What to know before you pick out foundation, powder, or cover sticks.
WebMD Feature

Foundation makeup, if worn correctly, can help to smooth out your skin’s little (or sometimes not-so-little) imperfections.

But how do you know which product will give your young skin the healthy glow you’re after, without looking caked on or like you’re wearing your mom’s makeup?

WebMD talked with skin experts who shared

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Top 10 Dangerous Toxins in Cosmetics to avoid

In the wake of the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013, and the rise of natural personal care products, you should be aware of the toxic chemicals surrounding you even if retailers, Wal-Mart included, are beginning to phase them out. Beauty products should make you beautiful, and this article will focus on chemicals in cosmetics that clearly do not contribute to the health of your skin. Many cosmetic companies abuse cheap chemicals or simply add in ingredients for no apparent reason. As a responsible consumer, you should be aware of which ingredients in your products are toxic or detrimental in any manner to your health. Below are ten common toxic ingredients in cosmetics:

1. Imidazolidinyl Urea

Located in most water-based cosmetics, deodorants, hair dyes, shaving cream, and face masks lurks imidazolidinyl urea in concentrations of 0.1-5 percent.

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