Wax or gel?

glipstickIf anyone asks what lipsticks are made of, answer will be wax. Well not anymore. There are now new lipsticks labelled as “GEL” formula. What is “GEL”? Is it better than wax? What makes it different?
Alright peeps, here is the delio. I am sure you all are familiar with petroleum jelly. It has excellent moisturizing property but no colour of its own. Many companies are starting to create lipstick products with gel formula because of its capacity to enhance colour. The base of a gel lipstick is translucent which allows for maximum color saturation compared to the opacity of a wax-based lipstick. Milady has released its new “ColourPerfect” lipstick with gel formula. And for the girl who has established a bold color as her signature, this is something worth looking into.