You can read all the makeup tips and tricks you like, and leave your home looking the absolute picture of beauty in the morning, but when you take a look in a mirror later in the day, your heart just sinks. We know the feeling! So try these 14 beauty tips on how to make your makeup last all day:

1. Prepare your skin for makeup

Prepare your skin for makeup application by gently exfoliating it and getting rid of all skin dryness and flakiness. A gentle face scrub or even a warm washcloth will do: mix your usual face cleanser with one tablespoon of olive oil and massage your wet face with this mix (olive oil is optional, it’s just how I love to cleanse my face and soften the skin),

then wet a washcloth with warm water, press it on your face for 10 seconds before gently rubbing your face with it in small circles (don’t be harsh with your face, be really gentle), rinse your face and pat dry. Foundation, powder and bronzer will go on smoothly and effortlessly on soft and exfoliated skin.

2. Moisturize first

One of the oldest tips on how to make your makeup last all day is moisturizing…old, but it works! Moisturize, and give that moisturizer a chance to dry, before you do anything else. It will smooth and hydrate your skin, making it ready for the foundation application.

3. Use a primer

To help your makeup last longer, always use a primer before your foundation. It provides the perfect base for makeup and will give you that ‘just applied’ look all day long.

  4. Go waterproof 

If you wonder how to make your makeup last all day and you want to look flawless from the early morning until the evening, then investing in good quality product can be worth the extra expense, especially when buying mascara and eyeliner. If you want your mascara to last the whole day, hold the curl and be smudge-free, then definitely go for a waterproof option.

5. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara

Slightly heat up your eyelash curler using your blowdryer (don’t overdo it, heat up very slightly, it shouldn’t be hot), then crimp your lashes three times: near the roots, in the middle and near the tips, it will give you the most natural looking curl; then apply your mascara – you’ll see how beautiful and long lasting your result will be.

6. How to get thicker eyelashes?

Well, of course, you can buy a volumizing mascara to get thicker eyelashes, but here is another makeup trick you can do: dust the tops of your eyelashes with translucent powder before applying mascara, use a small makeup brush and make sure to keep your eyes closed when applying the powder (do one eye at a time), then apply one of two coats of mascara. This simple makeup tip will help you add more volume to your lashes and make your mascara last longer.

7. How to apply eye makeup for long lasting result?

One of the easiest tips on how to make your eye makeup last all day is applying the eye primer or concealer on your lid before applying eyeshadows and eyeliner, not only it will add intensity to eyeshadow colors, but it will also help your makeup last longer.

   8. Use brushes and not your fingers

Using brushes instead of your fingers will make your makeup last longer, because brushes help you to apply really thin layer of foundation and concealer, and thin layers have less tendency to crease and cake up with time.

9. How to make your lip makeup last all day? 

One way to make your lipstick or gloss last longer is to apply a little cream based concealer first. The lipstick will cover the concealer and it will last a lot longer.

Or here is another makeup trick to make your lipstick last longer: first apply the concealer all over your lips, then fill in your entire lips with lip pencil of the same color as your lipstick and apply your lipstick on top of it. Blot. Apply another layer of lipstick or lip gloss. This bulletproof makeup application will last the entire day, of course if you are careful when you eat.

10. Never wipe shine off your face

If your skin is oily, you may get a shine after just a couple of hours; in this case, pat your face with a tissue or blotting sheets, but never wipe.

11. How to make your makeup last all day? Use lip stains

Use lip stains on their own or add a coat of gloss as well; lip stains will make your lips look great all day long.

12. Use the right amount of makeup

If you think that the more makeup you use, the longer it will last, you could be making a big mistake. The simple old rule “less is more” implies to long lasting makeup application. This is especially true when it comes to applying foundation, concealer and powder; the more product you apply on your face, the more obvious, mask-like and cakey it may look. Avoid applying foundation all over your face, apply a very thin layer of product (using your foundation brush) only on the places that need coverage: skin redness, uneven skin tone and blemishes, then set the foundation with a thin layer of translucent powder (apply the powder only on the areas that tend to get oily: forehead, nose and chin); thin layer of foundation and soft touch of loose translucent powder will look a lot more natural and will last a lot longer. Apply sparingly and build up gradually, as too much makeup can smudge and rub off more easily.

13. Longer lasting eyeliner 

Set your eyeliner with brown or black eyeshadow (the eyeshadow color should be the same as your eyeliner color): after you’ve applied your liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, apply eyeshadow on top of it using a thin liner brush, it will help your eyeliner last a lot longer.

14. Don’t forget to put blotting paper in your purse

If your face tends to get shiny throughout the day, blotting paper is your best friend, so don’t forget to put some in your purse. Blotting paper will help you remove shine and oiliness without caking on powder.

We hope you find these long lasting makeup tips useful.

Feel free to share your own makeup tips and tricks on how to make your makeup last all day in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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