Rainy day makeup

Rainy Day Makeup Tips

Rains are unexpected in most parts of the world. Yes, the weather guides and apps on your smart phones keep you updated, but what if it rains all of a sudden when you’re out or what if it is actually raining before you even set out for that important party or meeting? Below are six essential rainy day makeup tips that you ought to remember before you apply makeup on a rainy day or on days when rain is most expected.

Rainy Day Makeup Tips

Rainy Day Makeup

1. Don’t skip primer

We know it’s absolutely essential for a flawless complexion and therefore it shouldn’t be ignored on rainy days at all. Try and use loose face powder with primer on for your rainy day makeup. You wouldn’t want your makeup to slide off your face! Also, make sure to apply eyeshadow primer on nights when you plan to apply shimmery eyeshadow and have plans to stay out late at night.


2. Don’t wear heavy cream blush

Until and unless you want ultra shiny cheeks, skip the heavy cream blushes for your rainy day makeup. The weather is just not appropriate for such heavy layers of makeup.

3. Don’t straighten your hair

The damp air on a rainy day will definitely make your hair frizzy. Avoid straightening and that frizz fest caused in your hair by it! Opt for loose, soft curly hair or you can even try out a different braid to secure your hair. Pin them up or else they’ll stick to your face in no time at all.

4. Don’t apply too much highlighter

Everybody loves that shiny, dewy skin, but perhaps you can just skip the highlighter or apply it in quite moderation on a rainy day. Use a powder highlighter if you so want to. Liquid ones will make you look like a pool of oil in no time at all.

5. Go easy on the sunscreen

Do not apply sunscreen below or over your foundation. It will reflect and give you a ghost-like look, and will also affect pictures if you happen to take some.

6. Don’t overdo makeup

Dark heavy looks are good for days when the weather is much more appropriate. For a rainy day, try keeping your makeup light. It’s all about being chic, and looking fresh and breezy. Perhaps, you can opt for a just-stepped-out-of-the-shower look with a dewy complexion, soft blush, glossy lips and one solid color eyeshadow only. Keep away the kohl on rainy days too.

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